We treat following a risk-benefit model of medicine.  We carefully determine if the proposed treatment is worth the expected risk and benefit.

Routine Care & Sick Visits

Acute Illness
Dr. Shlafer and his staff are more than willing to accommodate your child.  Please avoid using the E.R. for non-emergent care; call instead for advice or to schedule a visit.  If your child is seen in another facility, please call us to schedule a follow-up visit.


Dr. Shlafer does not routinely recommend the use of most OTC medications.  Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding medications.  Prescription renewals require and office visit.

Regular Examinations

Well Child Exams (WCEs) are routine and should be scheduled in advance.  Per office policy, we advise parents to keep up with these exams.  North Sound Pediatrics recommends 9 WCEs in the first 2 years of life.  After age 2, your child should be seen regularly through age 18.

Sick Visits

​Our schedulers will get your child in as soon as possible, most often on the same day of your call.  We are also open on Saturdays.


​Immunization schedule is followed per CDC/AAP guidelines. COVID-19 vaccines, as well as annual flu vaccines, are recommended for eligible children.